Wednesday, March 25, 2015

HEART THREAD 276 & 277


There is a cello at the bottom of the spine
that is how Europe got here so deep
why Tiepolo painted the actual sky above an ordinary me
we are embedded in what we thought we knew
people greeking language under my hands
I’m not talking culture I’m talking neurology
the complex music of our simple meat
lift up the manhole covers see who we are
cables and sewers information overflow
I am the conduit of the impersonal
can’t forget Nora splashing in the surf at Rockaway
so much the worse for me.

On the glass face of the device the window birds reflected
pass over the house so short is music
music is an accident happened to the air
ergo bird bassoon the bells of Judson Church
but mostly this little mirror in my hand
shows the arcane image of each sound
what we look like when we hear the cardinal chirp
what the crow means in soaring without sound
over my poor house! personal again
the complicated negotiations in a dream
a wise old Jewish man without a word
pointed to fried chicken that’s the piece for you.