Monday, March 9, 2015

HEART THREAD 247 & 248


Walk in the shade disprove the sun
everything has been said before so now we’re free
the blue flower is a never-spoken word
the color she bent down to touch became her sky
culture is a long contagion
what can you do with a thought you can’t think
the empty parable Satan’s answer
if I give you the desert will you give me my emptiness again
all the jewels of the mountain red gravel of the Irrawaddy
I had three homes none of them mine
my wife was mad at me and turned away
for me there was no deeper pit than this. 


As if our business is to make our way to hell
only that way is the road to paradise again
who made up all these stories even if they’re true
everything that’s told is true is true enough
how much is there to know about you
look into my life to find you
a crack in the windshield makes the sky belong to someone else
you found your way into my arteries I breathe you in
cleansing of the blood miracle of simple prose
grammar of the heart nakedness of any window
we forget the important things so they can happen
an image worn smooth by too much looking.