Thursday, March 19, 2015

HEART THREAD 265 & 266


Till we have said everything using the same words
music won’t leave us alone
children blur the colors in their books
they know that nothing has a line around it
careful signals of a girl at peace
let me read my book to the center of the earth
plum trees of Afalon truth of the dragon
a castle in the cool core of the sun
a place previous to transformation
before the legal chemistry begins
a joyous anarch in skimpy clothes
as if it all could finally begin again.


At a certain point stop looking
at the trees start to read them
the self-planted and the other kind
human implants immigrants our fancies
jade exotics in exurban gardens
three hundred years and still speak foreign
rose of Sharon smokebush lilac
self-taught espontaneos who choose to land
and choose to stay tall and shady and teaching
hue saturation and chroma in their differences
distances between nature and the actual
my father’s pine trees on the road to Callicoon.