Tuesday, March 17, 2015

HEART THREAD 262 & 263

                                                                    (comment lire ce livre)
Each line wants to go off somewhere far away
sit there thinking about itself
but we all have noisy neighbors
we lean on one another for the touch
take strength take weakness from each other
even feebleness is reassurance
touch is contagion
but we are here together
tangency is defilement
one line bleeds onto another
you belong to the next thing you say
and to the thing that came before you
then you’ll belong to what they finally hear. 


Wait for the sun to pry the rose open
then petal by petal take it in the mouth
so delicate it is you have to chew a while
chew to let the taste come in
for these are dark times in personland
animals cull the flowers in the night
animals leave us only the names of things
only things like color shape texture size
things like reason things like belief
that are not things at all only you are
and I am we are the last of the flowers
we grew up before the end of things.