Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HEART THREAD 249 & 250


Where there should be a road
I write with what I gave you gave me back
all exchanges spiral into one
this is the point the start the target the soul
will you get to the point I am the point
there is no other a minute is my mother
trees look away today don’t dry on me
I need your perfect beauty in every line
some people get no older it is a play
retrieve the rain that washes the rose
cistus or labdanum brings the dying back to life
offer this resin in the temple and see what god appears. 


To Venus Virgin Mother of the world he wrote
shaky Latin his mind on something else
because nothing is born it all is here forever
love makes us turn our notice to each thing
though things appear to enter the world they were here all along
I like you will you like me back the only song a child knows
I will lick your back of course of course
each of us is apt for every need just find the way
if you believe that you’ll believe anything
I believe everything because I know
but what he knows he wouldn’t say
leaves it to you to find the right word.