Sunday, March 8, 2015

HEART THREAD 245 & 246


Where is this up I asked you to use me to
a seashell in the sky a grammatical awkwardness
Bruno’s cavatina in music someone’s bound to die
we all are victims of perceiving
but what image lingers in the dying mind
that is the real question about death
what do we go out with
wearing our curious inherited garments
what symbol nestled in the socket of the throat
so many things to remember only one to carry with me
what is the mind before perceiving
the deep and simple well in which no star shines.


Day of knife angry dreams the crowded train
never any clear way to get home
leaning on the woman till he fell a statue
live in slo-mo with your eyes on fire
Schlomo, the king with a wife for every night
but only one wife for all his days
married to wisdom with a golden lariat
fine-tailed doves fly up into green fronds
all this happens only because you’re watching
if we didn’t see it wouldn’t be
language is the alley of dead kings
lets you speak without opening your mouth.