Sunday, March 22, 2015

HEART THREAD 269 & 270


So much I’d say to you if you were here
but far away I just keep talking
who knows how much the wind will carry
just don’t get married the dark words need you for their own
sweet child of so many mothers
know me as your elder sister
sistrums in our hands and coronets above
we are the only licensed worshippers
adoring shadows of the gods we are
size is a true story and pace is beauty
density of thought a thick saliva sweetish
wets your lips so you can speak the secret word.


Roads reeds spines dawn wind lives inside us
I speak for all of us since I speak alone
you laughed at me across the laundry room
what more does a story need to be
green patterned dress folded on the floor
everything we do together is therapy
use me use me we’ll both be clean
how real does it have to be before it is
the pattern was small white flowers
as if spring could take off its clothes still not be naked
it was all about sorting the wash by hand
it was all about waking up at last.