Monday, March 23, 2015

HEART THREAD 271 & 272

271 .

If you carry the dream through the day
a smoky donkey will start to bray
you follow the road to La Borne
those cliffs up to the left we walked it only once
at every house a peaceful dog
signboards modest boast on every villa
we lived in Les Mouflons ten years apart
I didn’t understand bird talk in those days
you hadn’t taught me the language of bells
and all I knew was bread I clutched it tight
the way a dying man clutches his nurse’s thigh
this I know this won’t let me go. 

I never saw you as you are
you know ‘you’ means everybody ‘I’ means nobody
language has a bigger heart than any man
no house but now
a woman at the washing machine
she is the secret ruler of the world
unclad into the changes
fish too plentiful aquarium
always another waiting
the sun came sluggish to this table
a game out there someone else is playing
me too though I sit close-eyed inside.