Friday, November 21, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Sixty-Three and Sixty-Four


Don’t go to it wait till it comes
harvest in springtime summer will be wet
we hid in caves because caves are most like ourselves
impenetrable far dark dangerous and wet
being there we could be safe from ourselves
a new mind in an old place
we lick the place with fantasy alone
quick shadows on the ceiling  nothing moving on the floor
metallic aftertaste you sucked a leaf of rain
copper in the blood sunshine headaches too
we are the other kind we live beneath you
the highest thing we think is somebody else.


Great shapely white bells on the stalk tall as a woman who?
But the rainbow understands such things heavy heavy
but do we deserve what of course you do the moan or muffin
I walk over water as you walk over fire
close to being afraid but love the vista
wanted to offer you intricate syntax
Brownian movement never at peace and even
melodic resolutions suspended over the abyss
exaltations yet to come, confuse us
great Egyptian energy the neters that were axes
stand by the river that was once a human spine
but what a woman! the whole of Africa.