Saturday, November 1, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight


Born in a beast’s cratch dead uplift in agony
and in between gave meaning to the world
why does the ocean always feel like Christmas
why can’t I forget the things I never knew
for this is personal this is Welsh all DNA
this is a matter of sunlight on one side of each wave
curls of light advancing to the land
because everybody else got born before
but there’s a messenger in each one too
guiding the absorptions of the flesh
meaning the mind
dragging the stupid consciousness along. 


Oh God the you in me goes out to you your way in space
you is a verb at least
in every me a you is cached
time is the solution
the me dissolves and leaves the you
active in the interior of earth
the boundless inwards of each living agent
what they used to call the self before they knew
time is acid space is alkaline we live between
salt flats of Utah high plains of Tibet
understand the balance and fall free
god is a neuter in every sex.