Saturday, November 15, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Fifty-One and Fifty-Two


So the sun keeps rising I keep gloom to myself
mockingbird on the rail in love with half an apple
sing to me Caruso sing to me all your arias
you like me can be anybody else
to hide my own song in another’s
they say Pavarotti could not read music
so he had to become Nemorino Edgardo Cavaradossi
flesh became song oh the fat ones we were
to impersonate myself unlock the truth
read the horoscope of strangers
to see the way we stand and move
the Talking Cure without one word being said.


Selvanus must  have been one of our gods
Lord Esus in the woodlot with a hatchet
or we had no gods we had persons
to study the habits of and to revere
because reverence is all
and these holy images of women and of men
make us revere the ones who walk with us
ourselves as much as anybody
if gods are anywhere they must be in you
and you, there are no places we are not
when people are asleep the world goes home
I woke the sun up this morning go to bed with her tonight.