Wednesday, November 12, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Forty-Five and Forty-Six


Ogmios tongue me what to tell
halfway to hell I dare make invocation
inspirez-moi the Temple must be built                   C.G.                   tenor solo bare rock in Judaea
teach me how to do this thing you make me do
the hymns of Milarepa thrill from strange obedience
teach me to tell what I don’t know
learn from the babble when you sting my lips
strange means an unknown woman
coming through the door arms full of flowers
I can’t understand a single thing she says
I have no choice but to write it down.

Draw a picture of the Temple here
as you imagine it so it shall be
here is a photo of you building it
here is a rainbow to wear around your neck
keeps you safe in battle with the sky
who taught me to work this damned machine
all moving parts are still only the electrons move
rich men keep getting richer as drunkards just stay drunk
there is no doorway to their castle
a house goes on forever like the old Winchester place
money has no natural frontier
the violin mourns the new-fallen king.