Friday, November 7, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Thirty-Nine and Forty


Womb for the ferly folk my mind by day
your old days come true again be born in me
bread broke open to show a beating heart
Saint Mila showed to show that all’s alive
cistern broken but the water rested, tree
fell but the leaves stayed in the sky
perfect in their dispositif origin of stars
I was Melchizedek who priested in the rocks
I sheeped along among my little goats
try to make hale and holy what you can
for this is sparrowland the good
this is sky with stones in it and all of us. 


Actinism life reacting to the sun
as if a schooner came in your childhood
with a pretty nursemaid on it
taught you her language and took you to sea
and you never came back, that would be me 
water is your only comfort aren’t I
slow drip of language from the rock
my father brought me to a mountain spring
who knows where Castalia I think
and when you drink that water you too are sea
and everything is river ever after
now you are everyone because you watched her lips.