Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Sixty-Seven and Sixty-Eight


Poem day they call it in Cathay
Kitaj Ezra Sandra Fisher Thomas Meyer
great ones of a single paradigm
no one but you could understand
the point is to learn your place in the hieroglyph
the paradigm you belong to unknown to each other
the forest of Broceliande Allen Fisher Alan Halsey
Nathaniel Mackey Michael Hartnett
these are the Makers in one long chamber
Wagadu to Erigal that wave of shout
music made them and the earth had sense
they lift the hill like heroes and go in.


Everybody’s strong in the sense of saying so
the word hurled all night just said today
it is the breath of Vayu who are you gods of storm
wet wood and anxious trees and bird in trouble
but the sea calm we live in paradox
under the original apple tree among the ferns as far
west as the road lets us go before the rock
topples into silence that boulder smile
I am no man and came here before I was
and before a thought of you troubled the singularity
you angel you meaning of my life with your own wings
I stumble along to keep up with your swift shadow.