Sunday, November 16, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Fifty-Three and Fifty-Four


I can do nothing to help you but go to sleep
in my dream your destiny propose
city after city with huge parks in them
a green so broad it holds an ocean snug
the other side of color is a man
basalt rough carved to look like you
a tree is meditation
crosslegged contemplative of Roquepertuse
graphic reference like a crowded train
filled with drowsy reveries
enough imagework in there to build a Parthenon
but there are no virgins left no ratios.


You don’t know where you’re going till you’ve left the place behind
raptacious the old word is a hawk in your head
close to the parapet the first time all Paris known
for I was there in person for a change
not one of Atget’s pigeons the shadow on the wall my own
we live lives parallel with ourselves
from far out at sea you can see the way we move
deed making deed the wind blows it all away
read the wakes of light we leave behind us
parallels meet at the infinity called mind
where you slip your shoes and backpack off
and children chase their gaudy mother down the street.