Friday, November 28, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Seventy-One and Seventy-Two


If you keep going along this path
no road signs or they all point to heaven
gorse I said or whin or keep you off and green
I am a thing of books and boundaries
a headless god at the bottom of your garden
stone and with a word or two in bad Latin
chiseled in what I took to be my heart
as if the earth needed reminders we are here
or we do and always will, see how the wind
caresses me sun remembers our nights together
we slept on the Hill of Tara her very grass
and never woke all this since is one long dream.


Ireland it and look again
woodcock whooshes past through sunset
lives by the No Trespass sign
the fairy mound back there that no one knows but you
though sometimes I think I see them walking there
in and out of the mind’s view
giving names to things and changing back again
the fairies are the editors of earth
rinsing the sinews of our experience
no one can look at the same leaf twice
but one bird can come twice to your hand
carefully choosing random seeds that you extend.