Monday, November 3, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Thirty-One and Thirty-Two


But to throw all that away like the sun setting
who knows what will come up again from the sea
the only monstrosity is me
a two-headed boy with hands on fire
then the mist calmed in along the sound
you can remember an oriole above the deck and not much more
spilling aftermaths the custard we think with
in Vienna the central Peace Yard in snow
no peace only a relaxing
drumroll and the horses you never knew who died
until they came to life again
Sunday morning in the park and no one there.


These things at work again and who can say
blame the otter for the beaver’s dam
we are so bad at causes and effects
time to go to there is no school
and sit there all day dreaming
naked teachers stroll around the room
daring you to see them as they are
the words slip off the meanings
the sun keeps rising all day long
you’d rather be home a book in her lap
why don’t you read me like you used to
how did your father’s car get so far up the tree.