Thursday, November 27, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Sixty-Nine and Seventy


Connect the shortcut with the longer route
the stone that stays in heaven in the lowland hear
we heard a dragon do I know what your eyes mean
while a mile away your lips are saying
spent the morning worshipping a child another child
sea wrack and prophecy read from an old book
older than Bible and full of stones half my New England acre
because the river is the boundary song the failed permission
gladiolus every minute and the blue hydrangea
blooming as we speak but you are silent
crisscross prophecies the bird tells it all
invisible blackbirds piping in the gorse.


Mercy remembers all the strange names
gave to bedfellows ivy and she was thistle
and herself the only mistletoe
semaphore hard to know how come it’s over
the little songs of sinking ships the atoll
lubricious indexes of unread books
I can tell your daydreams from your midnight
because we rode together battered car not far
never count shooting stars the way lovers do
or daisy petals but we were angels too
in love with not being in the body but we were child
and children know the world is just their guess.