Thursday, November 13, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Forty-Seven and Forty-Eight


Keep your glasses on tonight you’ll see me in your dreams
because I walk with feet of stone no one can hear
you will hear a ship crying out to the fog
you’ll see my breath condensing on your mirror
don’t worry I’ll be everywhere
keep your white noise machine on all you like
I too am a sound that makes no sense
relax I’m finally talking about myself
you’re safe as long as I go on talking
an apple or an orange is also a machine
no moving parts but you and me
alone at midnight in a broken world. 

Man with three hearts
shown on the stone altar by three birds in flight
sky is always the same as your body
that’s how you know where anything is
how anything means
I pray to the weather to exalt the day
god heart beast heart and one more
the heart I gave you was not my own
I offered the whole city to the holy ones
anything you can conceive is yours to give but not to take
what kind of birds are anything
a crow a jay a mockingbird none of these.