Wednesday, November 19, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Fifty-Nine and Sixty


Bellini everything yawnless beauty bellezza
footnote to a lifetime folly lived to be wise
I have stared at the sea until it dissolved me
hydrangea who remembers heaven you dream
a new geology  exploring America by dream
find the lost city Beyond The Senses on the plain
my heart or is it soul is waiting for me there
raft me your river hitch me your trailer
lighthouse in the daytime too wink your red eye
aboriginal light light of sea poppies too much said
on the terrace with Zukofsky’s luminous vowels
and the upper bay thronged with Danish ships.


Climb up to the cellar of the sky this hill from heaven
o I was brought up with a bone the meat was just remember
data be our only money gold coins in colza fields
I slip them in your pocket from behind rich rich
the clouds walk here before us white cliffs of over
great ship plows up the losses we spring from flowers
birds in your hair the old dog led us home
they sent me to the jungle to look for you
ice and ash seeping from the wellhead wind because
the elements of wanting are another so much was near
Columba or be Yonah bird abaft my shoe
the head moves fast the body slow.