Tuesday, November 18, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Fifty-Seven and Fifty-Eight


If anyone is there to give me need
let me be your favorite machinery
to think you’re meaning something
count the phonemes and link the most frequent
yielding the secret title of your flesh
people walking deep inside the bread
break me open and let me out
you also are imprisoned in this tower
taking care of children may be pyramid enough
for I have gone with you to Egypt once or twice
riding on your shoulder or your hip
counting the stones at Karnak with dead eyes.


For I was lapis after all and Danube delta
down there where they still have weather
mind perturbed by mower not what I mean by mind
now long legs warmed by sun renimble
ocelot breakfast but I feed on sight of the sea
let me feel this me I am this place
the goldfinch at the thistle seed answer enough
clouds coming over help me to pronounce
sleep between the syllables and wake re-meant
clouds give the sea its color back come guess at me
Wren’s chapel in the Strand strange altars weary gods
smattered with personality everything revise away.