Sunday, November 2, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Twenty-Nine and Thirty

Queen of hell before whom only shadows bow                                 down there is the secret name of here
a daughter crying for her unborn son
what shall I do with all my friends
fit all those women in one little car
all their Prada purses and portmanteaux
and drive here over the waves to underhill
where once I thought I stood alone
the boy in the cellar with his head on fire
eyes lost in a book
sun setting over Brownsville
and the Sukkos booth humming with laughter. 


La Juive by Halévy because every Jewess is lost
lost in manworld lost in Goyistan
give me the truth in your soft lips
give me the wisdom of your cunning wit
none of this religion matters
it is the will to be and be believed
a god is random a faith is definite
hold me to what’s important
cleavage between the dream and the dock
oh God the sheep will never come back
the land itself is lost at sea
all that’s left is sing the temple up.