Monday, November 10, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Forty-Three and Forty-Four


Various various a book in the wind
the birds are reading me as best they can
slow down little language I’m only a child
aftermaths are written long before
just find the right page and squeeze it tight
don’t let anybody see you walk that street
it goes to the hospital where they park the mad
those who released themselves from the ordinary
and wouldn’t you if you could get away from it
the badgering of business the noise of news
and you alone on your phantom ship.


Through the skirl of the Elgar violin concerto
I hear seagulls squawking over the Isle of Wight
it is 1954 I’m going home at last
the island mentioned in the sea
and every nineteen years at summer solstice
the god dances in the sky above his ring of stones
a temple built from time alone
or I am the one who dances there
me can you imagine me prancing in a cloud
yet he’s there and she is with him
and the two of them inhabit me
if you dare look inside yourself you’ll find me there.