Thursday, November 20, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Sixty-One and Sixty-Two


Not sure what the giving gave a beak in bark
drink your tea he cries a bird instructor on the empty moor
everything climbs o let the creature out
the little lamp that lights our garnet cavern
sweet aquifer deep riddled with ideas
those toxins of thinking those premature concretions
just keep thinking the car’s not there yet
this rolling motion the cello taught the sea
everything began with us we carved the fossils in our sleep
smooth skin rough bark all the pain at once
the world was created ten minutes ago
when you looked out the window and saw the tree.


Don’t say a name here say a thing instead
a king grows wary after Pentecost
all those green Sundays and no dragons
God sends sometimes an anchorite to rouse
tepid thinkers to outrageous absences
silence is a dragon of its own
the dear knights try to conquer it with song
I'll never be popular I’m a man
priestless sat together sitting together is a mode of prayer
who benefits from this stone altar
who tastes the woodruff in this May wine
master of the forest undefiled by speech.