Sunday, November 9, 2014

HEART THREAD Parts Forty-One and Forty-Two


Run far enough but do they listen
give them what they want and they’ll come back
fierce dangers of getting what you wish
these are my Moralia guide for the oversexed
lost in the Middle Ages now re-upholstered
in glamorous satin language America America
I call you empty so I wade ashore
open the downturn invade the nucleus
Lincoln enthroned like an emperor
eagle talon’d held together disparate republics
the cure almost worse than the disease
almost and Miss Odessa’s black chess pie.

The one good thing about the Bible is footnotes
commentaries hum like flies in the butcher shop
every decent word breeds scores of annotations
the simplest human sentence needs a Mishnah of its own
and then they write that down and before you know it
we need eight billion people on the planet
to pronounce all the declensions of that first verb
volo was it or nolo or gimme or I thirst
write it down as if the flowers might forget
or Egypt turn wet again and Pharaohs shout
and mothers fret about their adolescent sons
and Abel has a secret wife who cards his wool.