Thursday, January 1, 2015

HEART THREAD 125 & 126


Did I say make do with it I said make new
quoting almost Master, Wizard of Ez, who made this coat I wear
blundering dragons under the hillside wake
debt rules the world but to whom to whom
when I finally acknowledge how much I owe you
unfixable system open gate and go
I don’t think there are secular solutions
no driving force out here but profit
profit it seems so rational it is the opposite
don’t for all that close reason’s door
no one is waiting on the other side
only the eternal rich stealing from the eternal poor. 


Hard place to despair at morning
I know what I know and what good is that
self-knowledge is the same as self-delusion
lies you can use like homemade weather
the sun persists in rising romantic
call the world a cathedral and empty your pockets
call it a mosque and bow down
outside Eden the righteous anger of the uninformed
believe me there is only one conspiracy
the grammar of money burns a hole in your head
aftermath I said and molecule and touch your mother
too many people want nothing from me not.