Wednesday, January 21, 2015

HEART THREAD 161 & 162


I had a dream you told me you had a dream about me
part of me on the other hand already is a dream
how many do I have to be to be one
it is a question of what kind of blue a flower
what kind of kind
when there was nothing but sea there still was me
I am plenty of you
an unfamiliar bird just now Berlioz must have been like that
little histories of what never happened
country A beats country B but war beats both of them
who are you crying to on your hilltop
the wind knows how to take your breath away.


Far pillboxes over the heel of her island
sideways to wind sucks my breath away
all the familiars sieve through the mind
into the dark of other people’s memories
what I lose you find a carousel of naughty children
seacoast is never far from mind it is made of it
ocean our first brain
resemblance is a wilted flower
no one told me anything but you
the stone that sealed him in he carries in his hand
every funeral seems to be my own
all religions are none I thought he said.