Sunday, January 11, 2015

HEART THREAD 147 & 148


Ariel pretends Prospero’s his master
but no one rules that bright air eye
God’s Lion strange name for a little bird
master of the island, human books flutter useless
no magic and no science stilts his liberty
to go and come and speak and ply his appetite
humans rough or gentle are his toys
he teases them by seeming to comply
catch wind in a handkerchief palace in your pocket
o I tried to rule those wizard wings one time
all I got was flutter and flap all my words dispersed
yet he brought me back my drownèd book again.


Eden syndrome the better the place the more fear you’ll be cast out
fundamental neurosis of the ecological moment
paranoid planet ruled by demons still
still we have to do something else about it
something abstract something works
footsteps down some distant wooden stairs
who comes to thrust us out we’re not yet in
selves run out of self a damp fog rolls in
bird feathers and no rain a song instead
meteoric solitude hurrying through emptiness
to be with you before you get to be
inconceivable meaningless such energies so-called stars.