Thursday, January 8, 2015

HEART THREAD 141 & 142


Mix the grains again for Psyche’s pleasure
mess is comfort and the law-book torn
restore all the seeds to our original chaos
don’t wander trying to set things straight
things are right to begin with, confusion is organic
this mess reminds me Psyche yields to pleasure
always here and always now and always elegant
maiden gypsies tend their stallions’ fetlocks
heel white runs right heel dark can’t walk
o fall over lightly Kentucky dreamer round heels
drink to soothe the seething a lie to cure the truth
so much sun today I can almost see.


A word is as wide as the will and it’s all for you
the hedger at his trim the blackbird mum
no sound but peopleness menskr all we bring
to the world is religion it does fine without
trying to find the way there he found a white lode
soft as clamshells of no use but to  witches
his satin armband her linen garter bind
the meaty parts of going or of handling things
throb of artery renews appetite aloft
everything was right there the chemistry the harpsichord
some Chinese whispers from Ernst Toch she played me
the virgin queen with all my Tarot cards.