Thursday, January 29, 2015

HEART THREAD 175 & 176


Everything over the sheen belongs to me
schön shiny things are fair to be
privilege of silver your own moon in the sky
a body lingers telling time away from me
the belt of storms marks out the parallax of lust
is it you  or is it me stand witness for the light
hydrogen and helium burn to make us see
or is there a light that comes before the sun
come and come again disorder ferries me to you
through the window a warrior dying on the beach
once we were Vikings now we are stones
the oldest dream you ever had becomes your life.


Some texts only dare to read by day
David’s harp strings cut for the sake of the song
how should an old man dance before the Ark
to what old music Biber Schubert Karamanov
body’s an embarrassment in church
folly to the Greeks dance with your tongue
till the song goes to sleep along the spine
why does sun on the sea smell like toast
the word remember is like roasted meat
when there is nothing left but to recall
call again and hope they hear you but who
when you meant me what name did you actually say?