Thursday, January 22, 2015

HEART THREAD 163 & 164


Hard to read the numbers in this light
go by the feel of the machine road through water
voices in the street fear of believing
whatever they say must be wrong way round
nobody out there speaks our language
urgent children touching in the dark
who are those who move around inside me
she walks by with a woodpecker on her back
to prove that language is a function of the skin
because language is all boundary
a walled garden and a maze at the middle
and a mirror globe at the center with roses all round it. 


Collecting stamps and never sending mail
nobody writes letters anymore
people are afraid of words in the hand
let Bach tell me six times what to do next
translate into something we can keep inside
inside us or in our household god domovoi
Lisa’s plump white arms in Ivan’s dying brain
we have to know though where everything belongs
o Egypt I am weak the rolled-up carpet weighs too much
all the streets led up to the castle where no one lives
you have to keep it all inside la musique
and when the morning finally comes the string will break.