Saturday, January 17, 2015

HEART THREAD 155 & 156


This still is Eden but who’d believe me
I meant only to complain the lawnmower erased the cello suite
but then the sun suffused the fog and no one listened
to anything but the noise that silenced me
this still is Eden some of us never left
a flaming sword that keeps you out lights us to our beds
because we sleep in matter
mind has burned away all its guesses
too much weight groan of a physical world
the wind in Eden my mother crying
or a story she could understand when I had come
beyond all stories to the untellable itself. 


One of those days when all music sounds like church
the wind is up to something
breath tries to remind us to let go
it has no natural end no golden fleece
only the dragon car on the merry-go-round
I rode it pompous to ride with Medea
the invisible beings who guide and protect
y ddraig goch for instance small monster in my blood
enough of Being it’s time for the Is
the self-existent the shadow of a woman the mother’s dream
Amphitrite comes before all and Ovid names her first
goddess of the ocean from whom we come and we are hers.