Tuesday, January 27, 2015

HEART THREAD 171 & 172


Rescuing forever from never I put the writing in your hand
come back from the place that never was
when the city deserts its gods flee to the fields
in the woods gods won’t leave you alone, you pray by breathing
and even so you have to write it down
this is your sole commandment listen and repeat
because the word you hear changes in you to the word you say
and only you can say it world without end amen
but the Mass your body is is always beginning
your body is praying all the time
knows more about the gods than Socrates
if you don’t know the answer no one does.


Be careful of numbers that come into your head
light-filled windows of an empty house
listening is filling a terra cotta jug with water from a slow fountain
listening is walking down a street you never saw
walk the grass between the sidewalk and the curb
to be in the between is to be born again
any tween space is the primal cave
the folk you see around you are bisons on the wall
every salesman a highpriest grammar a wizard’s spell
the witches love you and the birds are all machines
you wind up the engine with your first breath
keep breathing or all the lights go out.