Saturday, January 24, 2015

HEART THREAD 167 & 168


Open the door and let your neighbor out
always somewhere waiting to be else
you know your dove by how the tail is shaped
what will heather do when weather changes
or rabbit in high grass or the four rivers of Kailasa
where the wing begins to wonder the chicks fly
thus go I clutching to the shoulders of the world
around me wrack of history walk on clean feet
feeding ourselves on what no man knows and all women do
each polis had its cult and we have none
the Reformation broke all that away
and ‘-ation’ made nonsense of what was left.


Be suspicious of Greek models we are not Greeks
have no polis have no common practice to the gods
education is sick with Hellenic fundamentalism
Greek can be as bad as Bible for the soul
yet the poetry of both perdures illuminates
Dante is close because each walks the woods alone
the matter world of things receding
tailor sitting on his table stitching what we all must wear
the technology of magic haunts us now
to walk invisible in Google goggles isolate
how soon Ariel goes into Caliban
when once before the magus left the island to the sea.