Saturday, January 10, 2015

HEART THREAD 145 & 146


One cloud in no sky
dying later sooner never
constant supervision of the real
humid means the air was breathed before
mean room in empty touristy hotel
only believe what wind tells in that other language
in brightest sunshine heard the child forgets
Ghost Trio playing to the sunset phrase
cart full of dead trees Atu XV everything changes
oxygen found on Mars iron on earth Blake in heaven
slowly adding and adding up to zero
the old couple next door suddenly look like kids.


And ate this flower Old Man Is Young Again
I found it where the new snake left it
on cool cement by the house door agathodaimon
all the ceaseless gifts of living things
to those of us who soil the air with speaking
all our religions and dollar signs and sighs
and these sweet people gave us bass and fluke
to wind again the clock stopped when the old man died
the song they sadded me with when I was young
overwhelm me and be better each of us one step
use me all the way up
the strangest things can break the heart an empty room.