Friday, January 30, 2015

HEART THREAD 177 & 178


Tongue the flute lower there is a deeper music
indefatigably mental a fiddle golf cart in Judæa
all I have are Promised Lands
spent this life writing down the  wind
spread on the lawn to welcome godly showers
hear the copter see only cloud how white clouds roar
indecisive moment the taste of glass
the great gate of Kiyiv never opens never closes
a gate is a man standing in the desert
Stonehenge is a ring of girls around a message
they said a storm is coming love gets lost in theory
revolutions are ninety-nine percent revenge.


Swimming in rain the lightning swims with you
we still don’t know what it is this electric thing
hydrangeas struck by lightning reading Montaigne in the park
one fugue for a thousand voices
ghosts at midday the darkest time of soul
wait for the re-entrance of the theme the bay of Naples
dark as I am don’t confuse me with the dark
look at the sea through a man with an old straw hat
the sea you say is not the same sea
or we were tortured by our differences
I’ve been seeing ghosts all day
a ghost is a man without a man.