Wednesday, January 14, 2015

HEART THREAD 151 & 152


Anchor lights the masts are gone now
blue collisions in this fog
a master of humility aquifer unsalt me
cleanse me of all matters till I am matter alone
much so much to ask an alchemist
chewing roses the taste is late to flower
then from every taste you’re in the sudden garden
Gan Eden where the atmosphere stands guard
our other planet we are programmed to forget
each one of these must be at least a stone
how they look beneath an inch of clear water
how they look when you see me in her dream. 


Time a shadow cast by heavenly event
name me in your sleep
for when I sleep it is a fierce and silent place
I don’t know how to touch you there
and then the birds are slow to sing at dawn
birth cry of a lone old man hoarse mourning dove
I move my head the face in the mirror doesn’t move
at night she can’t escape the color of her dress
it makes the sun keep rising everywhere she goes
I dare you not to look at me I am a mirror
I wear glass wherever I go no wonder you’re silent
not even the morning has so much to say.