Monday, January 5, 2015

HEART THREAD 133 & 134


Heal like an open window an opus number a lost quartet
the sheen of shadow as if a word once spoken
the leaf speaks louder than the tree
the thing you need to know you never trust
Nietzsche in the rose garden Bolzano smell of asphalt
suicide because birds can walk but men can’t fly
beautiful vow I vaunt that vaults to heaven
shield me from the hailstorm broken scraps of human will
because the will can live without its man
bring me unconsenting to my deed
a vow is medicine finally a use for pain
hawthorn berries to help my love’s heart. 


We’re still in opera that city where the music counts
intervals between the notes men do things to each other
a ring of rising thirds a single leap a ninth
girls turn into goddesses gods sweat to keep up with them
a handful of sunlight a head full of wheat
sleepy grain sleepy sunshine morning comes in vain
in sleep the words are hard to read
even a woman on the sofa what does she mean by sitting there
or the one on the floor reading the paper she is the news
touch the over-energy, energumen each one has
flows into other making both strong
it is the breath of the daemon who lives in our lives.