Monday, January 19, 2015

HEART THREAD 159 & 160


Binary as if a double star you are
two houses and two voices to proclaim
absolute and relative are the same
two doors to every thought like Boston homes
the law makes difference the will makes same
watch the sun rise little by little the light says yes
the wind is always coming from the night
the dark breathes for us
lost in childhood with a single book
greatness means to have no private life
sun up now and here the great one comes
all work is play at best.


Ate roses from the rocks along the shore
one day she’ll come walking over the sea
to restore us to our original forms
we mild impersonators of another story
cantilena of the obvious desperate for theophany
pick the ocean up and do what with it
one crow before anybody
I don’t send news to the tailor how I wear my clothes
but I tell every sailor where to steer his craft
helmsman of absence monsignor of milk
scared except to be at home and there too
we have come to the midpoint of time.