Wednesday, January 28, 2015

HEART THREAD 173 & 174


The rule is so simple make people happy
the method is harder live for the other
the gods come only when they’re needed
as that girl he thought he knew once
came along and guided Dante to the rose
but was she the same as the one who knew
or never knew, you can’t tell by looking
but the telling does no good till you tell it
the breath you breathe out different from what you breathe in
measure the difference in a world full of commas
listen long enough and learn to tell lies
don’t stand by your words walk behind them all the way home. 


He’s getting smart it must be near the end
he has no clue to what the house is called
why does a castle need a name it has a moat
all we need is difference did he say
all belief is make-believe
deus adest alteri drink from the well
the healing breath of other people no help in same
stay far enough away so that they still are other
the mess of mingling knows no edge
boundary is all, we’re bound to mark
mark we honor by transgressing
travel far by staying home.