Friday, January 2, 2015

HEART THREAD 127 & 128


Light runs the machine
before sunrise no cloud no wind
and now the sky is full of tossing
no method only mind
consciousness is a habit of matter
it thinks where it can
that’s where we come in
a freight train right through Callicoon
a little boy anxious about the sky
pine trees taller than anywhere
I came to life where Oedipus left it
every grove is sacred every girl a god. 


Not so limber when the light decides
you know all this is signs
a word on a truck goes by
you know I’m in love with you don’t you
the hedge said it topiary of words
lost in the maze of a single straight line
does this street go to heaven
the word has no meaning in a world of streets
streetcorner the statues of Venus till the emperor wakes
between bed and bathroom the shadow of a dream
you don’t know her name but that’s all you don’t know
old locomotive movie about lovers a lifeboat.