Saturday, January 31, 2015

HEART THREAD 179 & 180


Penny rolling down an inclined plane
or planet on its roll around a flaming doubt
I knew you when you were my mind before
no one took but everybody takes
cleared a forest to liberate the moon
beautiful astronomy before numbers were invented
one day there was nothing left to count
could you catch it from the bite of an idea
there are no comparisons or only one
paper doesn’t drink up the way it used to
one mind shadows another
wake up some morning and think with me.


Trace the themes that wind the fugue
deep undergrowth this year in aspen grove
all lines lead back onto your hand
line of fate line of wheat
how many kids all the disasters of love
scribbled on the palm grey clouds coming
woodland cabin of the arbiter of dreams
where the bishop of permissions was conceived
it’s all a merry-go-round some horses go up and down their poles
some horses just as beautiful understand to stand
harnessed in pretty glass rubies of samsara
all the love you give comes back to you.