Tuesday, January 6, 2015

HEART THREAD 135 & 136


No waiting it went and was now
 all those old words that meant me stopped
as if the chalice never touched my lips or never left them
the weather is inside us too
knowing litters small birds along the sky
you are the architect of the obvious
things bow down at your feet you know me cold
morning was never meant for this to be obedient at last
hide your confession deep in your tract on ethics
explore the dream life of Immanuel Kant
exalt the triviality of poetry
where three roads meet the god is always present.


Slow down a stoker in a locomotive old
Zola by Renoir Kafka’s steamship balancing nowheres
can’t help but make luminous mistakes
bathroom down the hall barefoot dawn
a room is just a footnote to its window
sun gleams on steel a pen seems muse enough
over the harbor slipping her sail so quiet beauty come
Azure as ever he teased the war over at last                L.Z.
now we can go home home is always somewhere  else
I watched my father shovel coal into the furnace
hand on the throttle of the door I made the house go
talked about coke but it was anthracite and Ellington.