Saturday, January 3, 2015

HEART THREAD 129 & 130


To see anything at all is just remembering it
but the word you hear in silence is actually now
or five minutes of the future pulling you forward
a friend tugging you into the park
children sailing boats in the fountain woman eating corn
myriads mix the chessboard rises to the sky a rook topples
the tower falls towards you from an empty sky
it lands slowly and builds up around you
you have been spoken now
vague animals roam around the base in the dark
but at the top you still can see the sun
setting behind mountains that weren’t there when you first looked.


If the son knew the father as the mother knows the son
the gate would open and the world would enter in
Blake didn’t say this but he meant it
children had no place in his world or mine except for me
eternal selfish child of self all brooding wanting
a child cancels the father and abandons the mother
that is how generations erase their past and are erased in turn
I am not prepared to say more than the words in your mouth
warm sun on chill morning no further than that
purple vestments today’s mass mourning for last night
nothing special about her just that she was
washed by the wind instructed by her hair.