Sunday, January 18, 2015

HEART THREAD 157 & 158


Asprawl on lawn in the pose of Titian’s Danaë in exiguous bikini
she welcomed the island weather the sun knew her deep
and I looked away at all the other pictures on the air
every mistake needs its own footnote
everything means he said again
if Offenbach can be a Jew then I can too
the gondola took all my doubts away
I too heard the dead contralto singing from the wall
and all my tragic love affairs are comedies
the Muse told me stick to the skin you know
the giddy surfaces of human life, skip the abyss
forget silly Scamander where silly heroes fight and die.


Only in the heart does the blue flower grow and tells the one who finds it
climb into your body and drive to the other side of truth
someone is waiting there and always for you
the sentimental abstract blood trickles sweet bite
grasses on the high moors unanimous in wind
nothing can live at this altitude a steeple
I want to be at home as things are
but that’s a kind of cardboard Africa
live where no one ever imagined
is that the famous blue flower
or the White Rose of national decency
for which the young students suffered and died?