Thursday, January 15, 2015

HEART THREAD 153 & 154


A man’s voice and a woman’s voice at once
I have to check these clues with my therapist
my vow stands beside me and saves me from myself
leave your letter in plain sight to baffle the police
bird further away the hill to hear us
one day I swear it they’ll come out from the hills again
cleanse us of this debt-crazed world
whip the money-makers out of this temple world
how dare you listen to music doesn’t it tell you something
fragments of silence all we need at a window
to believe we are the only ones is blasphemy
listen to those who walk invisible and talk to them too.


Quiet describing landscape never seen
by names alone a wind comes through the fog
the way a wave moves through the sea displacing nothing
matter is not the same as what it does
there is a mindful moving in all things
but talk about love instead the cellist’s bare knees
press the earphone closer to the silence
wanted to sit all day and think but not think thoughts
just the ordinary mistral just the light passing by
impossible angles the edges of lost things
they scare me more than a half-eaten apple
Eve’s disobedience still not quite complete.